At Grace Foundation Ministry International, the most recurrent word is the making of a total man. This is the basic assignment that the Lord has given unto us.

To effectively deliver on this the church has been structured to function in the line of this Divine agenda for greater impact which are:

The Grace Evangelistic Outreach Ministry:
A major drive of this Divine assignment is to reach nations, states, cities and the rural area with the word of grace, bringing salvation, deliverance and building them up in the Lord and fulfill their destinies

The Grace Music Ministry:
This coordinates the music and worship of the church and special meetings and outreaches. The aim is to bring people into a supernatural experience and encounter, to build passion and desire for God. And to encourage and stir every member to have a personal fellowship with God

The Grace Youth Ministry:
This is to help young adults grow into the fullness of Christ, developing, equipping and deploying them as role models to the world.

The Men of Issachar:
This is the men’s ministry

The Women of Grace:
This is the women ministry

The Grace Children and Teens Ministry:
Coordinates all activities of the children and teens. The aim is to grow young ones to be full of God, create kingdom impact, influence


I was fervently and wholeheartedly serving the Lord in my former pastorate for about four  decades. But I can still vividly remember on the 22nd of February 2003 in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria while I and my wife were waiting on the Lord, I had an encounter which lasted for hours. The Lord appeared unto me and said “My son your assignment where you are now is over. Take your wife and children and go out for the new assignment of ministry which i have called you into.”

The Lord said this ministry am giving you shall be called Grace Foundation Ministry International and I am sending you with my words in your mouth to the nations: with the message of salvation, deliverance to the captives and the making of a total man for the restoration of human dignity. Then the Lord said anyone who has no foundation in life, or anyone with troubled foundation shall be established and I will turn the captivities of many lives and nations. I am with you . Leave all you have laboured for here and go for this new assignment.

We had no savings and practically nothing that will help to even front or start up this vision. After these words from the Lord, we were afraid.

The Lord appeared again unto me the second time and said are you still here? Go for the assignment I have given unto you. Also repeatedly spoke to my wife and said why has your husband not started the work I have assigned unto him. Tell him it is time to move.  In obedience to thisdivine calling, on the 13th of July 2003 this vision began from my sitting room with Gods hand mightyupon us, with signs and wonders following and Jesus been glorified.

God kept adding to this ministry and by faith we moved to our present locationBeside Gen. M. I. Wushishi Estate, Western Bye-Pass Tunga, Minna, Niger State – Nigeria whichpresently serve as the international office of the church.

Pastor John Dabbas
Senior Pastor
Grace Foundation Ministry International